Application for the Alliance

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Application for the Alliance

Post  King Dimitrius on Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:22 pm

By applying to our alliance; you are stating that you have met all of our requirements listed below.


1. In-Game Name?
2. Village(s) Coordinates (x|y)?
3. Village(s) Name(s)?
4. Total Troop Count?
5. What is your current wheat consumption level? (Example: 35/42)
6. What is your experience on Travian? (Example: years played, server(s), alliances, etc)
7. Are you a Gold User?
8. Are you an offensive or defensive player?
9. Are you willing to help with resource pushes and send reinforcements when it is requested?
10. Are you currently in an Alliance? If so, why the change?
11. Do you know anyone in our alliance or among our allies? If so; who?

*Population must be 300 or higher
*two or more villages
*Troop to Population Ratio must be 1:1
*Must have Skype or must be willing to get Skype
*Must not be a farm
*Must be willing to be sit checked.
*Must have a sitter or two from our alliance, and may not have sitters from another alliance, without special permission.
*Must be in the SE quadrant

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